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Women health forum

Women health forum

How nutrition can improve Women’s health

Guidelines and disclosures;

All the forums are currently moderated by the Editor-in-Chief for Nutrition Remarks. We plan to assign separate moderators to each and every forum and new moderator information will be posted accordingly. Moderator will visit each forum at least once a week. Appropriate questions will be accepted and posted by the moderator. Answers sent by the visitors will be initially reviewed by the moderator or if required by an appropriate expertise in the field. Only acceptable and safe answers will be posted online. Public has open access to read forum contents but cannot modify the content. Only moderator can modify/erase posts.

Nutrition Remarks will not hold any responsibility for the answers. Therefore, readers should make sure that posted information are not intended to replace the advice of a health professional.

Nutrition Remarks does not provide any medical advice or treatment recommendations. We always recommend consulting your doctor/nutritionist to decide the required treatments for you. Inappropriate/irrelevant attempts to post answers and questions will result banning your participation in our forum activities. Moderator will first issue an email warning and decide banning on case by case basis.

Our intended audience for these forums is general public who are interested in information but not looking for treatment options. The aim of the collaborative platform/forum is to provide answers for the questions asked by public. However the answers provided on the forum/s of Nutrition Remarks is designed to complement, not replace, the relationship between a patient and his/her own physician.

When providing answers, please make sure to state whether the answers are based on personal information or from other sources, and answers should be true and correct to your best knowledge. When answers are based on other sources, it is strongly recommended to use reliable and trustworthy sources and quote the information sources. It is required to provide the email address to submit questions or answers to any forum of the Nutrition Remarks.

Advertisements in the forums are from Google adsence and Media.net sources and we do not control the content or add links. Our forum moderators have no relationship or influence from advertisements or advertising process. Forum users are not allowed to advertise about their products or services anywhere in Nutrition Remarks except they have advertisements through Google absence or Media.net programs. Nutrition Remarks does not hold any responsibility of any type regarding the products and services advertised in Nutrition Remarks.

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