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Write with Nutrition Remarks. Earn your reputation as a writer while making money you deserve.

Write with Nutrition Remarks. Earn your reputation as a writer while making money you deserve.

Nutrition Remarks (a HONcode certified health and nutrition news publisher) is currently accepting applications from freelance writers who can write health and nutrition related articles for public audience. Nutrition Remarks covers all the areas of health and nutrition sciences. Depending on the expertise, writers will have the freedom to choose the areas to write. Also, depending on the demand for the information, writers will be assigned to write on specified areas selected by the editor.

At the minimum, a bachelor’s degree in biology/health science/nutrition is required. Our writing assignments are mostly based on published peer reviewed scientific journal articles, thus, simplifying complex scientific concepts to public with accuracy and without oversimplifying information is a challenging task. We also provide online trainings and consultation to beginners.

Nutrition Remarks only publish information based on valid and reliable scientific evidence. Writers should present well-balanced information based on scientific evidence. Nutrition Remarks does not publish hypothetical or exaggerated news and also we do not allow product and service promotions with financial interest.

Writers will earn commissions for their published news articles (terms will be discussed with the selected writers).

Also, there are some contract-writing assignments available depending on writers experience and expertise.

Please contact our editorial office at editor@nutritionremarks.com with your resume.


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