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Editorial Information

Editorial Information


32247 Hamilton Ct # 207

Solon, OH,





Nalin Siriwardhana, PhD

Area of Expertise; Human nutrition, dietary bioactives, health and nutrition communication and obesity and cancer research



Editor in Chief

Sanath R Wijerathna, MBBS, MPhil, PhD

Area of Expertise; Pharmacology, biochemistry, nutrition, molecular biology and structural biology



Suhanki Rajapaksa MBBS

Area of expertise : Pediatrics, OB/GYN, Family Medicine


Chamilani Nikapitiya, PhD

Area of Expertise; Genetics, dietary bioactives and molecular biology


Mahanama de Zoisa, PhD

Area of Expertise; Genetics, dietary bioactives and molecular biology


Mahnida Senavirathne, PhD

Marine and land dietary bioactives


Rohan Karawita, PhD

Marine and land dietary bioactives


Shambhunath Choudhary, PhD

Cancer biology and molecular biology


Administrative office

Eng. Shirantha Siriwardhana, B Tech (Engineering) – Electronic and Communication, AMIE(SL)

Prathibha Siriwardhana, MBA (Business Analytics)



Editorial Process

Information published in Nutrition Remarks is only based on reliable and verified scientific evidence. All the articles or news releases published in the Nutrition Remarks are subjected to peer review by at least one scientific reviewer and one non-scientific technical reviewer. Scientific review focuses on the accuracy and reliability of the information while non-scientific technical review focuses on language and public readability.

In the case of uninvited open articles/news releases, the Editor-in-Chief for Nutrition Remarks will initially review the article to determine its potential for publication in Nutrition Remarks. If the article is within the scope of Nutrition Remarks, the corresponding author will be notified by Editor-in-Chief and proceed for review. Editor-in-Chief will select scientific reviewers and non-scientific technical reviewers based on the content of the article. Scientific reviewers selection will be entirely based on the relevant expertise in the field of the article. Considering the comments by the reviewers, the Editor-in-Chief will decide final acceptance, request a revised manuscript according to the reviewers’ comments, or reject the article. Once a manuscript is accepted for online publication, entire manuscript becomes a property of Nutrition Remarks and cannot be fully or partially reproduced elsewhere without permission from the Editor-Chief.

Public news releases published by Nutrition Remarks writers are subjected to the similar information verification editorial process. Editor-in-Chief always encourage to write public news releases based on selected scientific articles published in peer reviewed reputed journals. In such cases Editor-in-Chief invites the corresponding author of the particular article to participate as a reviewer and respective reviewer names are always included in the news release.

Frontier Voice news release articles are based on the subject area selected by the Editor-in-Chief. Our editorial board members stay focused for new scientific discoveries and breakthroughs in the nutrition field. We immediately read new literature published in high quality peer reviewed journals. Once we identify an article that addresses timely important nutrition issues, we invite the corresponding author for a telephone conference to prepare the Frontier Voice report. Editor-in-Chief or an appointed qualified member will conduct the interview and write the news report focusing general public. The accuracy of the report will be further verified with the respective corresponding author before publishing online in Nutrition Remarks.

Advertisements published in Nutrition Remarks are from Google adsence and Media.net sources and we do not control the content. Further, our editorial content is not influenced by the funding sources.

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