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Can food allergies raise blood pressure temporarily?

Can food allergies raise blood pressure temporarily?

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  1. Dunston says:

    Can food allergies raise blood pressure temporarily?

    • Probably not. Minor food allergies most likely have little or no impact on blood pressure. On the other hand a severe food allergy response can be associated with a significant (but temporary) major drop in blood pressure. In some cases this drop in blood pressure may cause light-headedness/dizziness. In rare cases the drop in blood pressure may be the only symptom of a severe food allergic response.
      People with severe food allergies often carry an injectable drug (epinehrine) to block the anaphylaxis that can be life threatening if not treated quickly. It is possible that if someone feared they had just consumed something they were seriously allergic to and injected herself with epinephrine just in case then the drug could cause a temporary increase in blood pressure. Epinehrine is part of the body’s response to stress and is one reason blood pressure often increases temporarily when people get very excited, angry or fearful.
      Dr. J

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